Antares Pharma first one fourth total revenues boost to $3.

Ended the quarter with $13.1 million in cash. Paul K. Wotton, Ph.D., Chief and President Executive Officer, stated, In addition to a solid operational overall performance, the first quarter brought a number of important events including the FDA acceptance and granting of a filing fee waiver for our NDA filing for Anturol for OAB. We are happy with our product royalties and product sales from the achievement that Teva is usually having with TevTropin, and remain encouraged by the improvement of the epinephrine auto injector product with Teva.Good dog! For even more on the story, see this CNN video.. Children with congenital cardiovascular disease require higher levels of Vitamin D consumption prior to surgery Until now, there’s been no research focused on the need for Vitamin D supplementation in kids with congenital heart disease . However, in the last few years, experts at the Children's Medical center of Eastern Ontario Analysis Institute and Cardiovascular Surgery Plan teamed with the Canadian Critical Treatment Trials Group to understand the effect of cardiac surgery on the Supplement D position of infants and children, to be printed the following month in Anesthesiology.