The FDA has expanded the use of Raptor Pharmaceutical&rsquo.

The FDA has expanded the use of Raptor Pharmaceutical’s cysteamine bitartrate delayed-release capsules to take care of nephropathic cystinosis in children ages 2 to 6. ‘Tight adherence to cysteine-depleting therapy from as early an age as possible is critical to preserving kidney function and leading much longer, healthier lives for patients with cystinosis,’ mentioned Craig Langman, MD, head of kidney diseases at Ann & Robert H . Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, in a news release.

Carbohydrate-binding proteins are becoming incredibly useful in curing numerous illnesses. ‘The rapid development of glycomics as a natural extension of proteomics offers a better understanding of glycoproteins, glycosylation process, and its role in the protein function,’ clarifies Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Giridhar Rao. ‘This in turn facilitates the advancement of novel biodrugs.’ The rapid progress of glycomics in the biopharmaceutical sector is evident from the existence of approximately half a dozen drugs, where manipulation of carbohydrates and proteins provides advanced drug properties.