Bipolar disorder.

Antipsychotic medication can reduce violent crime among people with psychiatric illness By Kate Bass BSc New data indicate that people with psychiatric illness are almost half as more likely to commit a violent crime when taking antipsychotic medication compared with when they are not using such medication. The reduction in violent crime was smaller with usage of mood stabilising drugs and just apparent among male patients with bipolar disorder.WHAT’S Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Cognitive-behavioral therapy is usually a way of helping people change just how they think. It helps you to identify and dispel detrimental beliefs and fears that prevent you from coping with your disease as effectively as feasible. CBT is more equivalent to life training than psychoanalysis or deep counseling. You won’t be discussing the nuances of your childhood or examining the internal workings of your subconscious brain. It really is about having very clear goals and locating the easiest & most natural ways to fulfill them.