With the purpose of accelerating drug discovery.

‘We expect various other domestic and worldwide biopharmaceutical companies will observe this example,’ NPRB Director Michael M.C. Lai, M.D., Ph.D. Through preclinical tests and scientific trials, NRPB aims to strengthen IP administration and promote nearer collaboration with industry. On the long term, the program intends to teach Taiwan scientists and progress excellence and worldwide competitiveness in domestic sectors, in addition to promote domestic achievements and innovations globally.At her year-end news meeting, Burwell dodged questions about a Supreme Courtroom case seen as the most critical threat left to Obama’s laws. The case, King v. Burwell, will be argued in early March. Medical care legislation provides taxpayer-subsidized personal insurance to people who don’t have access to coverage through their jobs. Plaintiffs in the Supreme Courtroom case argue that the statutory law, as written, only allows subsidies in states which have established their own insurance markets. Supporters of the law say that while the text may be confusing, Congress designed to subsidize coverage in every 50 states clearly. Burwell wouldn’t outline any contingency programs in the event the court guidelines against the administration. ‘We believe that our position is the position that is true and accurate,’ she said.