At the Mayo Clinic fincar a unha na cebola.

Big Stomach Riskier than Thunder Thighs: Study What do you call spending 8 weeks scarfing straight down ice cream and candy bars? At the Mayo Clinic, it is called by them technology fincar a unha na cebola . In a study targeted at finding out how surplus fat accumulates, researchers at the clinic recruited 28 volunteers to invest eight weeks eating just about everything they wished to. By the finish of the gorgefest experiment, the volunteers had obtained, normally, 5.5 pounds of fat on the chest muscles and 3.3 pounds of fat on the low body. The scholarly study was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Pet health program. It said it’s possible that the federal government could centralize authority by creating an interagency alliance or a domestic edition of the Paris-based Globe Organization for Animal Wellness . The scientists discovered ‘significant delays’ in developing and adopting fresh technologies that could help detect serious pet illnesses, and the panel facilitates a more extensive livestock identification program, and more study to build up a ‘live animal’ check for avoiding mad cow disease. AMERICA Division of Agriculture last month revised its screening plan on the brains of slaughtered cattle to add a far more sophisticated test currently in use in European countries and Asia.