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The existing regulations aren’t clear more than enough. At one point in the meeting, Gold mentioned that existing Cal/OSHA condition bloodborne pathogens regulations DO cover condom make use of in adult film productions filmed in California stating, Let me end up being clear: We’re not creating a fresh rule, we’re discussing modifying a preexisting rule. It was important to hear a Cal/OSHA official so unequivocally say that existing state regulations already require the usage of condoms on all adult film pieces in California, a thing that is not happening clearly, said Whitney Engeran-Cordova, Director of Open public Health for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the group that submitted the petition to Cal/OSHA first. As we function toward the next meeting of this panel in October, AHF reiterates it commitment to focus on improving medical and safety of adult film workers.and Ambry Genetics today announced an contract under which Ambry Genetics use the Agilent SureSelect Focus on Enrichment Program for exome sequencing solutions. ‘Ambry is intensely focused on delivering the highest quality outcomes for exome sequencing for our clients and clients,’ stated Ardy Arianpour, vice president of Business Advancement at Ambry Genetics. ‘With Agilent Technologies we’ve found the perfect partner we can count on in getting our exome sequencing to advertise with scalability and speed. With Agilent’s SureSelect, Ambry Genetics is offering whole exome capture providers for cancer markers, medication response and Mendelian disease gene discovery. Ambry’s exome sequencing providers deliver condition of the art bioinformatics which include variant filtering, annotation and interpretation of applicant mutations.’ ‘Agilent is very thrilled to partner with Ambry for their exome sequencing needs,’ said Kathleen Shelton, Agilent senior advertising director, Genomics.