Claritas Genomics announces start of Claritas Clinical Exome.

Patients with rare disease typically seek a medical diagnosis for 8-12 years, receiving 3-5 split tests at a higher cost. The sequential testing approach could be replaced by a single test now. The Claritas approach takes advantage of a forward thinking dual-capture, dual-platform technique that immediately confirms more than 90 percent of all genetic variants in the exome, facilitating rapid analysis, interpretation, and come back of clinically-relevant outcomes. The Claritas Clinical Exome encompasses around 97 percent of the entire exonic coding region of the genome at >20X coverage by the Illumina NextSeqTM and instant confirmation on the Life Ion ProtonTM Platform.‘However, that record ignores the biggest threat to water protection: neoliberal plans of the free market economic system laying waste materials to the natural globe and turning water into a commodity, activists counter,’ the news service adds . In a post in the Guardian’s ‘Sustainable Business’ blog, freelance article writer Tim Smedley summarizes a live discussion by an expert panel assembled by the newspaper that ‘explored the most recent thinking to come out of World Drinking water Week and asked ‘where to following?’ for addressing food and water security’ .