CPS threatens to abduct children after parents let them walk from park alone Over time and daily.

‘I think it’s absolutely crucial for their development – – to learn responsibility, to see the global world, to gain competency and confidence.’ Police lectured them With that in mind, on Dec. 20, Alexander said he decided to allow his kids, Rafi and Dvora, walk a mile house from Woodside Park, in an region that the parents stated their kids know well. They got about halfway house before being intercepted by law enforcement after someone reported seeing them. When the Post telephoned police to find out more, officials said they didn’t have much details on the case currently. However, the paper said, a spokeswoman said that whenever someone reports concerns, ‘we’ve a responsibility as part of our duty to check on people’s welfare.’ Fair plenty of – – but does that likewise incorporate an automatic visit and investigation from child protective services employees? The few said their son told officers that neither he nor his sister had been doing anything illegal and that they are permitted to walk .Chris Saade, co-director of the Olive Branch Center, a grief and wellness counseling firm in North Carolina, told the paper that he has seen a large jump in the number of patients beneath the age of 18 who arrive to him with worries about the continuing future of the surroundings. Unlike adults who can place their heads in the sand about what we’ve been doing to our planet, these kids are very aware of what’s going on, said Saade, who has led more than 200 mental retreats in the usa and has provided grief counseling through his private practice for a lot more than 20 years.