The LA Times reports.

Charles Schumer , offers proposed requiring biometric ID cards – – using fingerprints, for instance – – to show citizenship.’ But immigrant advocates state extra verification rules, like those in Los Angeles County, ‘have proven expensive, ineffective and ultimately bad for U.S. Citizens who could be deprived of healthcare because they lack the mandatory documents.’ The tougher rules implemented in Los Angeles ‘were passed as part of a 2005 federal Deficit Reduction Work and require applicants for Medi-Cal to present papers proving citizenship or legal position.’ But ‘two federal studies have raised questions about the cost-efficiency of the rules.Kenneley recommends washing hands before entering an area, any moment the hands touch a new surface in the area, and when exiting. And soap is more effective than alcohol-based hands sanitizers or wipes that usually do not destroy spores, she stated. Although hospitals clean rooms daily and after a patient leaves, some spores can survive still, Kenneley said, which explains why the key to avoidance is hand-washing.

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