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In the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, furthermore, unlike the other treatments available, this might only work with the existing problems rather than work with other issues of the past. The treatment works in a useful manner to improve the mind-set on a daily basis. The therapy has been noticed to be most reliable in treating some of the pursuing mental health conditions. Besides anxiety and depression, the procedure is prescribed for sufferers who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder also, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, consuming disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, rest issues such as drug and insomnia or alcoholic beverages abuse.All are invited to dress up in blue and to unfurl just like a wave of solidarity! A Province-Wide Event As a demonstration of support towards the 120,000 people coping with the disease in Quebec, it’s the whole province which will vibrate under the steps of a large number of walkers gathering for the event. In total, 20 Alzheimer Societies contact the province residents to solidarity on a total of 40 walk sites. For a third consecutive yr, the Quays of the Aged Port and the City of Montreal offer their support to the Alzheimer Culture of Montreal for the organisation of the event.