Unique Entertainment Talents

Hamilton is a professional, theatrical style magical entertainer with many unique talents. He pursues all with a striking intensity, charisma and creativity.

Hamilton sings, Very appealingly. He writes quite credible poetry. He stage manages and set designs impressively. He choreographs with creativity, skill and verve.

Hamilton appeared on the professional scene as a comedy stage magician in 1986. He had performed magic extensively in amateur capacity since early childhood, owing to an avid interest and a uniquely supportive father.

Hamilton was highly regarded as a professional entertainer, long before completing his first hypnosis course. As a result, Hamilton’s hypnosis shows are exciting and energetic, never dull, dry or clinical. Discriminating audiences and talent buyers recognize and appreciate this important and distinguishing characteristic.

Hamilton has been professionally featured in settings from small estate parties to packed night clubs and casinos, to large theater extravaganzas and major corporate events.

Hamilton is a master of audience psychology. He gets his crowds up, with it, into it and cheering every time.

A few of the major events HAMILTON has headlined include:

  • The Daito Convention – Hilton Hawaiian Village – Honolulu Hawaii
  • The Flamingo Hilton Hotel & Casino
  • The Pepsi Cola Magic Extravaganza
  • The Chrysler Management Convention
  • The US West Regional Convention
  • The Phoenix Follies . . .

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Norma Jean
Your Sixteen
Magic Moment
Falling in Love
Somewhere Out There
Lady in Red

Hamilton is an original, he innovates and choreographs numerous unique theatrical illusion and stage hypnosis elements and techniques, and is increasingly copied.

Hamilton is a registered, certified and licensed hypnotist with over 10 years clinical experience. He is constantly pursuing new psycho-spiritual disciplines and neuro technologies for personal development and self discovery. This results in intriguing metaphorical application in many of his shows. Hamilton’s shows empower people on a subconscious level.

With Hamilton, you can count on professional, awe inspiring and hilarious Magical Entertainment and/or Stage Hypnosis.